Filter Friends!

I get to play with all sorts of cool animals for my job, some by accident. One of my responsibilities is to change the filters at the abalone hatchery located at the NOAA Mukilteo facility. This is where I find all sorts of cool stuff! Take a look at my favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not pictured include a kelp crab, lots of hooded nudibranchs, the nudibranch Hermissenda crassicornis, brittle stars, green urchins, scallops, lots of snails, and some polychaetes. Enjoy! More to come.

Can anyone could help me ID those sea stars?

3 thoughts on “Filter Friends!

  1. I’d say the purple one looks like a Pisaster or Leptasterias! Not sure about the orange one below it though. Some type of Asteriidae for sure.

  2. Update: Found a juvenile pink metridium! Also a baby bird…not in the water though. He was stuck in the mesh sheeting over the greenhouse, but now he’s free.

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