Spring Break visit to Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO)

I am sitting in Hubbs Hall at Scripps procrastinating on my National Shellfisheries Association conference talk. I would be procrastinating in my bikini on the beach, but alas, I brought the Seattle weather with me to California (at least I didn’t bring the snow).

I arrived Friday afternoon and visited Coronado Island on my way to Scripps. Coronado used to be the posh place to vacation before they built the bridge to the island. Its still pretty posh, as evidenced by my $5 soda. I browsed some shops, and found some great abalone related thank you gifts for my advisers. Then I arrived at Scripps and met up with a friend and her fellow grad students. A pretty relaxed day. Saturday we visited the Birch Aquarium and I saw a nautilus for the first time! I also saw those Lake Jellies that were on my bucket list (kinda counts) and went to Crab Catcher to get excellent (and cheap!) fish tacos for dinner. Another highlight of the day was seeing (and getting pooped on) by my first pelican! I think that’s good luck. I also saw a few California Sea Lions, and cormorants. Today I took a stroll on the beach at Scripps. Enjoy the pics! More soon.

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