Spring Updates

A few updates now that Spring quarter has started. I gave a presentation at the National Shellfisheries Association Annual Meeting on March 28th in Seattle. I talked about my work developing novel tagging methods in Pinto abalone, specifically about using Passive Integrated Transponders (PITs). I was only able to catch a few other talks in the abalone session as I had to jet back to campus for class, but it looks like there is some great abalone research going on. If you missed my talk and would like to check out my slides, you can do so at this link. I got some good feedback from my advisers, professors and others who were able to attend I would like to think it went well. I am still chugging away with the manuscript, I have received my “friendly reviews” and will be working on a final draft this weekend.

In other news, the dates have been set and airline tickets have been purchased for my spring field work for my capstone! I will be gone for a week in May near Sierra Vista AZ, a nice respite from Seattle weather
(and class hehehe). We will be doing a “bio blitz” for one of our target anurans with some volunteers and testing out some of our methods for our summer field season. Flyfishing for bullfrogs anyone? I will be back to Seattle for a few days before I jet off again with some of my fellow AFSUW ExComm members for the American Fisheries Society Washington British Columbia Annual General Meeting in Victoria, BC. I will be giving a talk on live tweeting for scientists, as a part of the Social Media and Science Outreach Session. Luckily my course load this quarter consists of physics, a seminar and a lot of research credit, so I am able to give a conference talk and do some field work! So stoked. Really looking forward to summer field work for my capstone and abalone tagging endeavors. Stay tuned for field work pictures!

Also, my marine biology minor adviser has kindly written up my student profile on the “Who We Are” section of the marine bio webpage, that you can view here.

“Learn about how she became addicted to abalone restoration, how she got connected with the Friedman Labs, her summer at Friday Harbor Labs, her experience studying abroad in Kosrae, Micronesia, and finally her off hours as a science blogger…and get ideas for your own marine biology experience at UW!”

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